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Dawson Compliance offers a range of services designed for individuals, agencies, institutions, and businesses. We have highly qualified safety experts ready to help you with all your safety concerns.


Collaboration with Physicians 

We believe that bringing transparency to our relationships with physicians will help our clients better understand the critical role that physicians play in the advancement of our software and client services.


PHONE: (800) 934-0752


Our Clients

Our diversity of clients illustrate our wide range of multiple industry expertise. Dawson Compliance's expertise, strength, and devotion is proved best by our client relationships.​


Finding a company who is as dedicated with your business as you are is rare. We know that our success is tied to your success and we like to think of ourselves as being a member of your team.

 We are passionate about our altruistic mission: to do everything possible to ensure that our clients are compliant in their safety practices.

Goals / Values / Results

What makes Dawson Compliance special? It's our people. We embody ambitious goals and values to ensure we continue to top our own performance, which translates into impressive results.