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Why Dawson?   
Quick, Affordable & Certified To Meet Your Company's Needs. The Original OSHA® Source. 

Dawson Compliance offers a range of services designed for individuals, agencies, institutions, and businesses. The descriptions below summarize the highlights of those offerings. We have highly qualified safety experts ready to help you with all your safety concerns. Let us show you how simple compliance can be.

Respirator Fit Testing 

We come to your facility, with a flexible and cost-effective way to comply with OSHA® Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134. There are two options that can fulfill these requirements, which is either Quantitative or Qualitative fit testing. Our fit testing program is specifically designed to meet OSHA®, NIOSH, JCAHO and CDC guidelines. Low Price and Quality Guarantee.

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​​Online ​Respirator Medical Evaluation

In order to reduce the cost, time and burden of clinic appointments Dawson Compliance offers an easy online tool to facilitate the process. Our method strictly adheres to OSHA® Respiratory Protection Standard. 29 CFR1910.134 and assists in establishing worker clearance based on your specific respirator(s) and work conditions. 



Spirometry is a common test used to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing. The exam is generally provided an addition to the OSHA® Respirator Medical Evaluation. Spirometry is not always required by OSHA, but there is no other test that is as accurate for determining current lung functioning. 

​​OSHA Business Solutions

We assist your business by implementing cost-effective solutions based on specific needs. Services include but are not limited to audits, training, incident investigation, programs, and documentation. Good safety management makes good business sense, so lets start compliance today. 


​OSHA Compliance Made Easy ™

First Aid, CPR, AED, & BLS Training


We service all of the Southern California communities and offer classes that can be tailored to each student's specific needs. Our goal is to accommodate you and provide an environment that is informative, but equally as fun and engaging.