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​​​Why Dawson?    ​

Quick, Affordable & Certified To Meet Your Company's Needs. The Original OSHA® Source. 

Businesses often do not have the budget for a full-time safety manager, but they still must comply with OSHA® regulations. This dilemma leaves managers overwhelmed with OSHA requirements and ultimately exposes the company to OSHA liability and an unsafe work environment.

The Solution

Dawson Compliance can assist your business by implementing cost-effective solutions based on your specific needs. Good safety management makes good business sense, so lets start compliance today by partnering with our leading industry experts.

According to OSHA,“implementing a safety and health management program saved between $3 and $6 for every $1 invested.”  

Basic Compliance Package

1. A site visit to meet with management and conduct a preliminary gap-analysis and audit.
2. Review of written safety and health programs in place.
3. Update of written programs in place and preparation of missing safety and health programs.
4. A report of our findings from the gap-analysis with recommended corrective actions.

Quarterly, Biannual or Annual Maintenance Services

​1. Safety and Health Training (on-site training)
2. Focused audit (on a certain area, task or OSHA standard)
3. Development of Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
4. Facilitating the safety committee meeting
5. Training the safety committee
6. Incident Investigation
7. OSHA Recordkeeping audit
8. One-on-one OSHA Recordkeeping training
9. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) hazard analysis
10. Ergonomics assessments
11. Preparation and/or revision of written safety programs
12. Respirator Fit Testing and Respirator Medical Evaluation / Clearance ​

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